How do you make a vertical weld with an
AC welding machine?
A weld that is strong and looks good?



Add a Full Wave DC CheaterTM  to your AC welding machine.

  • Why weld with DC?
  • Better penetration.
  • Better for hard-surface cladding.
  • "Out-of-position" welding (vertical and overhead welds) become much easier than with AC.
  • More stable arc.  Once established, the arc won't extinguish as easily as an AC arc.
  • Easier to make good looking and consistent weld beads.  If the bead looks right you have more confidence in the strength of the weld.
  • Weld thinner metals.  Stick weld automotive sheetmetal with a little practice.
  • Weld stainless steel.

If you’ve used a DC welding machine before, you know it’s advantages over AC welding, for certain jobs. 
Some welds require AC. But once you use the DC Cheater, you’ll be reluctant to disconnect it! 
  • The DC Cheater was designed for the small shop, or hobbyist that already has an AC welding machine.
  • It’s an economical way to add DC capability to your shop. You already have the expensive part - the welding machine.
  • The DC Cheater is rugged, and simple. It rectifies the output of your AC welding machine to provide FULL WAVE DC output at up to 195 amps.
  • Use at up to 80% duty cycle, or the duty cycle rating of your welder, if lower.
  • Easily connected and disconnected using your welding cables.  Just cut the cables and add cable lugs.
  • Can be used to stick weld or build your own "scratch-start" TIG welder.
  • Quickly change from DCEN to DCEP and back to AC.
  • Approximate dimensions of housing: 8"x6"x6" (20cm x 15cm x 15cm).
  • Cooling fan requires 120VAC.  (Other voltages and cordsets available.)
  • Input and Output Studs: Brass 1/2-13 UNC (12.7mm) x 3/4" (19mm) long, with brass wingnuts.

The Full Wave DC Cheater
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Completed Kit
Kit Components
Waveform & Schematic
DCC-FW-195 Kit
195 amp. Full Wave DC Cheater Kit
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This is the type of cable lug required.  Either crimp-on and/or solder; or the easier clamp-on style.  These can be found at a welding supply or an electrical supply house.  Match the lug to your cable size.  The hole in the lug must fit the 1/2" (12.7mm) studs on the DC Cheater.  Four lugs are required.


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