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This new Electronic Ignition Distributor is still being developed.  The prototype is being built now, and when done it will be tested, in use, for a few months to ensure function and reliability.
This distributor will fit certain older model Harley Davidson(R) motorcycles and allow the use of after market electronic ignition modules to replace the points and timing advance flyweights.
Some drawings for the new distributor appear on the Examples page.
August 27, 2002: A brief update on the distributor. The prototype has been built (minus the cover) and has been running, trouble-free, for about 800 miles now. A temporary cover was fabricated from an aluminum beverage can. That seems to attract attention! The ignition is a Crane Cams HI-4®. This, plus the installation of a CV carburetor, has made this a one-kick bike. I'll add new pictures here soon.
Sept 2, 2002: Here are the promised pictures of the distributor on the bike - cover removed.

          And here is the infamous cover.
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